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If we make a list of the terms we often use in our daily life, the word “stress” will top the chart easily. “I am having exams stress,” I am having work stress,” and the list goes on. In fact, it is possible you may be feeling stressed even right now. But, do you know what exactly stress is? What are the factors that cause stress? What are its health implications? And why is stress management so important?

Well, here is what you should know about stress.

What Is Stress And Depression?

Stress or Mental stress is a psychological condition where an individual fails to cope with emotional or mental pressure. It is the response from our body to any external stimuli or stressors that can challenge our mental well-being. Interestingly, stress has two broader categories- good stress and bad stress.

Depression is a serious health condition that can challenge our mental wellness. Depression can affect our feelings, cognitive ability, and general behavior. Unlike stress, depression is only a one-way road with just negative outcomes.

Stress Symptoms And Signs

Stress symptoms can be of different types. That said, you can identify stress through your behavioral, physical, emotional, or cognitive changes. Here are some most common stress symptoms:

Cognitive Symptoms   Memory disordersWorrying constantlyRacing thoughts or anxiousnessNurturing negativityPoor or lack of judgmentLack of concentrationPhysical Symptoms   Chronic Pains AchesSex drive disordersConstipation, diarrhea, and other digestive disordersHeartbeats irregularity and chest painDizziness, nauseaFlu and frequent coldsDisturbed menstrual cycle in womenLack of energy
Behavioral Symptoms   Habitual nervousnessOvereating or loss of appetiteUsage of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes to relax.Avoiding social interactionsStammering, stuttering, or other speech disordersSleep disordersProcrastination or negligence in fulfilling responsibilitiesEmotional Symptoms   DepressionUnhappinessBaseless anger, irritation, and mood swingsAgitation and anxietyFeeling overwhelmedLoneliness or isolationEmotional health disorders EmptinessGuilt Despairfrustration

Facts That Causes Stress

To be honest, there can be hundred of stress causes, and it is hard to enlist every single one. However, in today’s world, there are three main sources of stress:

  1. Poor Health
  2. Work/Job/Business
  3. Money

It won’t be wrong to say that stress and depression are caused by these three main sources. Apart from that, here are the top 10 causes of stress:

Top 10 Causes Of Stress

  1. Sudden Or Major Life Changes such as job change, moving to a new place, etc.
  2. Specific Or Unplanned Events can cause stress. For instance, you have to go somewhere, but an unexpected traffic jam can cause stress.
  3. Unable To Understand Humorous Situations is a major stress cause in so many people.
  4. Non-Work Related Problems such as family responsibilities, taking care of a disabled child, financial issues, etc.
  5. Lesser No Time To Relax Induces Stress. Our body and mind need sufficient time to relax, but hectic professional or domestic life leaves us with no time or insufficient time to relax.
  6. Inability To “Go With The Flow” Or Accept Things As They Are. It is impossible to have complete control over everything or every situation. People often try to keep things under control, and failure of which causes stress.
  7. Home Or Workplace Conflicts are two of the major causes of stress currently. Conflict with colleagues, spouse, subordinates, superiors, failure to achieve work-related targets, etc., can cause immense chronic stress.
  8. Taking On Too Much Or Setting Very High Standards. Multitasking is a necessary skill nowadays, and people keep them engaged in multiple activities. However, this can turn out to be stressful if you fail to meet expectations or standards set by you or people around you.
  9. An Unhealthy Lifestyle is another very common and major stress cause nowadays. Unhealthy food, less exercise, smoking, alcohol, consumption, etc., all contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  10. Time Mismanagement. “I wish I had more time” is one of the most common phrases you listen to or use every day. Procrastination, laziness, and poor time management can give you stress on a regular basis.

4 Types Of Stress

Stress can be of different types, and some of them are good for our health. However, there four most common types of stress, and they are:

1-     Acute Stress

It is a short-term or temporary stress type, and it can be distressful as well as positive for an individual. Acute stress is common in our routine life, but it is rarely alarming.

2-     Episodic Acute Stress

If the acute stress keeps “haunting” you or becomes frequent, it takes the form of episodic acute stress. It is a condition in which the individual feels that everything is going wrong or feels constant pressure.

3-     Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is a long-term and threatening type of stress. It usually occurs due to a chain of similar types of events that are inescapable or never-ending. For instance, a bad marriage can cause chronic stress.

4-     Eustress/Positive Stress/Good Stress

Eustress or good stress is exciting and joyful. It induces positive energies in you and pushes you to achieve or complete something, and works as an adrenaline booster.

Effects Of Stress

Stress can affect you in different ways. That said, it can affect your body as well as your mind.

Effects Of Stress On Mind

  • Chronic stress can ultimately cause mental sickness and can be responsible for long-term changes in the brain.
  • Stress can alter the structure of the brain and causes memory disorders as well.
  • Chronic stress is also responsible for killing brain cells and shrinking brain size.

Effects Of Stress On Body

  • Stress can cause headaches, and chronic stress can lead you to constant depression.
  • It can affect the sleep pattern and cause insomnia.
  • Heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, stomachache, and other gastrointestinal disturbances are common issues caused by stress.
  • Stress can cause heart diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension), pounding heart, and heart attack.
  • It can also cause temporary respiratory disorders and type 2 diabetes. Constant stress forces the liver to produce and inject more glucose into our bloodstream that increases the chances of type 2 diabetes.
  • Stress can cause prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction in men. Moreover, it lowers the sex drive and causes fertility problems in men and women. Women also face irregularities in the menstrual cycle due to constant stress.
  • Stress is a major cause of obesity, hair loss, ulcers, and teeth and gum diseases.

Difference Between Stress And Depression

Stress and depression are often inter-used for the same purposes, but there are some minor differences between both:

Stress is not necessarily a mental health condition. It can inject or induce positivity and good vibes as well (good/positive stress). Stress is normally related to an unwanted situation. If the situation is sorted out, stress will be resolved.Depression, on the other hand, is a serious mental health condition.There is absolutely nothing good about depression.A person suffering from depression may feel depressed even if everything is going fine.

Bottom Line

Stress, if it becomes chronic, can be very deadly, and make no mistake, it is one of the biggest reasons for suicides worldwide. Neglecting signs or symptoms of stress is not a wise thing by any means. If you are facing such issues, it is better to talk to someone or consult a mental health specialist. You can also go for DIY options and may try some very effective stress management techniques. But, don’t neglect it!


Any information provided on this article or our website is for entertainment purposes only and researched from the internet. Please consult your local professional or physician before using any information provided.

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